• DONT GODMOD godmoding is a horrible and will make many people yell. Godmodding is:
    • Autohitting
    • Knowing jutsu to powerfull for your rank (there are exeptions but for that you'd have to take it up with other people)
    • Ignoring other peoples posts

  • DONT argue about godmodding complain to a mod an they'll check if its godmodding if it isnt shame on you for wasting a mods time

  • PLAY NICE no offensive stuff... that does not meen id Akatsuki(and or other ppl) call you weak, a twurp or a brat you can come crying to a mod. Everything you do in a fight should be stated before going into the next stage for example:
    • Naruto. runs at itachi with rasengan in hand
Itachi. places naruto in a genjutsu
Naruto. HA I was looking at your feet

NONE of that! you must state What your doing before you do it duh >___> you wouldnt run into a door an then say no I didnt it was open would you?

  • Make your posts as detailed as possible. not really a rule but its better that way an it helps with #4

    • DONT SPAM!!!! SPAMMING WILL BE DELETED NO QUESTIONS ASKED. If the spamming is out of control... say nearly an entire topic.. the topic shall be deleted entirely. Notify a mod or admin if there is spam that is getting out of control and we haven't seen yet.

  • Dont annoy tsunade she's made a great site and is still working on it.... always remember ITS HER WORLD AND SHES LETTING YOU LIVE IN IT!!!!

  • Have fun... well you dont have to but thats what the sites for