Hanashi is a young Kunoichi who always tries to make sure she succeeds in everything that she does.Although she gets a little intimidated by some tasks or enemies she finished what she started and pursue her Ninja Way.

In the beginning..

She was never actually named Hanashi but really was Mimi Uchiha.she was involved a little with the Akatsuki at the age of 13,you could say thats how Mimi had the curse mark at her neck but being away from her own family she never really knew about them,she left the Hideout since she felt like something bad was about to happen and it did,Kakuzu,one of the Akatsuki was chasing her and she did what she could do best:run.she ran and ran until she finally found herself in Suna,the village hidden in the Sand and there she met the 5th Kazekage,Gaara of the Sand(Also Sabaku No Gaara)he protected her from the coming Akatsuki,she thanked him and gave him a smile and you could say thats were their friendship began,they began to become friends helping each other out.She stayed in the sand for awhile until the Akatsuki decided to try and get her without the Kazekage knowing but it failed miserably as Gaara defended her and his village and Kakuzu and his partenr,Hidan left,Gaara made the decision she had to move to leaf because the Akatsuki will stop nothing to get her though he wondered why and thats when she told him,about the curse mark.After Gaara had left her in Leaf she sometime later trained with the Godaime Hokage Tsunade in Medic Jutsus and Taijutsus.